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Exploring Science

April 15, 2014

from Holy Cross 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien –

Holy Cross 3rd graders recently performed Simple Science Experiments for their classmates.  It was very exciting to see them explore the Science world!

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Ecology Encounters

April 14, 2014

from Holy Cross 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien –

Holy Cross 3rd graders went to Ernie Miller Nature Center to learn about producers, consumers and decomposer.  It was a beautiful, fun, full of learning day!

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5th Graders Create Planets

March 17, 2014

from Holy Cross 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Kroge –

Have you ever wanted to visit a planet named Candillamadingdong, made up of chocolate and mints?

Or you could travel to space to visit Matonics, which is a planet where bass clefs sing all day long?

Holy Cross fifth-grade students had to design their own planet for a recent project. They came up with the seasons for the planets, an atmosphere, physical features, and so much more!

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8th Grade Science

November 19, 2013

from Holy Cross 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Patterson –

Eighth graders are hard at work determining the solubility of three solutes. The investigation led them to discover if the type of solvent would affect the solubility of the chosen solutes. Working in groups promotes learning, sharing ideas and a team approach to analyzing the data collected.

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An Exciting Lesson on Hydrocarbons

November 6, 2013

from Holy Cross 8th grader teacher, Mrs. Patterson –

Bill Schneider, Holy Cross parishioner, parent, and husband to Holy Cross’ reading specialist, Jeanine Schneider, visited the 8th grade science classes on October 17. Mr. Schneider taught the class by giving a hands-on presentation about hydrocarbons.
During the first quarter the 8th graders have been learning about ionic and covalent bonding while studying chemical reactions. Mr. Schneider provided them with a presentation of hydrocarbons. Just ask any 8th graders how many carbons are in butane or acetylene and why long carbon chains burn black smoke.

Unusual Creatures at Holy Cross

October 30, 2013

from Holy Cross 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien –

If you happened to see a mini fox, hondex, fox the boss, kitrat, fox vamptort, snamelizard, turf, spox, ring-tailed ground squirrel, sangowl, oscar, rakielit, kipps, falcon, cute quilled rabbit, batson, cobrion, creepy snamal, kanga devil, tangaroo (although it’s now extinct), kitty lizard, rattleowl, kinga, spitting eight-legged turtle back cobra or western kit tortoise at Holy Cross on Tuesday afternoon, have no fear.

Holy Cross 3rd graders just finished their desert animal project and they were taking them home.

In Mrs. Burkhart’s Science class, students learned about the desert, and then created animals and a habitat to show how their animal survives in the desert.

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Seventh Graders Study Matter

October 2, 2013

from Holy Cross junior high science teacher, Mrs. Patterson –

The seventh graders are exploring changes in matter in science class. When given two unknown white powder substances and two beakers of vinegar, the students recorded their observations, designed a plan to test their substances and finally evaluated which substance interacts with the vinegar to produce a chemical change.

Like any good scientist, they reported their findings in their science journal allowing them to share, compare and contrast their work with others.

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