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OMG, She’s Headless

April 28, 2014

We’ve been marking the progress in our goal to raise $3,300 in Box Tops funds for the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund this year by creating a ‘virtual student’ to show how those funds will be used. Vicki the Virtual Student is now headless. We’ve raised $2,464 this school year, but we need $836 to reach our goal. Help us fill in Vicki’s head! Send in your Box Tops to Holy Cross today.

We had a really close class competition in March. Mrs. Burkhart’s 3rd graders inched past Mrs. Anderson’s 1st graders. The winner is picked on Box Tops per student (not total Box Tops because the class sizes vary).  There was .25 Box Tops per student difference between 3BU and 1AN in March.  Nice job, both classes!  Both enjoyed a cookie party, but 3BU will keep the traveling trophy until the April winners are named.

Our final class collection of the school year will be picked up this Thursday, May 1. Please send in all the Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs that you’ve collected, and help us fill in the head on Vicki the Virtual Student!

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$300+ lost…

April 24, 2014

The Box Tops shown below are just a few of the expired Box Tops we’ve received this year. These could have translated into more than $300 for Holy Cross School if we were able to send them in before their expiration date. (Yes, they check. We can’t send them in if they’re expired.)

The moral of the story – if you’re collecting Box Tops at home, don’t hoard them. Don’t let them just accumulate in your kitchen.  Drop them off at the school or church today!

Thanks for your help in raising funds for the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund at Holy Cross by clipping and collecting Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs.



Almost To Her Shoulders

March 10, 2014

We’ve raised $2,047 with Box Tops this school year. As we work our way toward building a virtual student with our Box Tops earnings, we’re almost up to Vicky the Virtual Student’s shoulders. Help us raise $3,300, enough to enable the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund to help one more student attend Holy Cross. Send in your Box Tops to the school or church today!

Thanks for your help.



Send In Your Box Tops!

February 18, 2014
BoxTopsWe’re halfway through our 2-month Jan/Feb contest for Box Tops collections, and frankly, it’s been a slow start to the year. We raised $163 in January, but we’d like to raise about 4 times that much in February. Hopefully you were just hanging onto them at home. OK, now it’s time to send them in to school. Mr. Wagner’s 7th graders are in the lead at this point in the competition – are you going to let them enjoy the cookies and victory of claiming the Box Tops trophy at the end of February?!

We’ve raised $1,780 so far for the school year, and we’re a little more than halfway to our goal of $3,300. We’re also well more than halfway through the school year, so we need to step up the collections.

Click here to download a collections sheet, if you prefer to send them in that way We’re happy to get them any way you send them – in a bag, on a sheet, clipped, unclipped. Just send them. Thanks!

Box Tops for the Jan/Feb contest will be picked up from the classrooms on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Please send in your collections by then.

It will take help from everyone to make it to our goal! Every Box Top helps.


Well Earned Cookies for the New Trophy Keepers!

December 17, 2013

The trophy has traveled…  The new keepers of the Box Tops traveling trophy at Holy Cross are Mrs. Neuburger’s 5th graders. And they enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies for their victory, as well.

Congratulations to the class for collecting 285 Box Tops in November. The combined collection from Holy Cross school, preschool, church and various other contributors in November came to $235 dollars.

That brings our school-year-to-date total to almost $1,350. It’s a great number, but we’re going to have to push a bit harder in these next few months to reach our school year goal of $3,300.

Here’s what you can do today to help –
I bet you have a bag of them collected in your kitchen that you just keep forgetting to send in to school. You know you’ll forget if you wait until after the holiday to send it. Get it in your child’s backpack tonight and send it in to add to their class collection. Who knows – your child might be enjoying cookies as the keeper of the trophy next month!

Box Top Champions - Nov '13


Trophy Travels To 3OB

November 13, 2013

Congratulations to Mrs. O’Brien’s third grade class! They were awarded the Box Tops traveling trophy for October. They also enjoyed chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the win.

We had some other classes who came very close. In fact, Mrs. O’Brien’s class didn’t technically collect the MOST Box Tops, but the award is given to the class who collects the most Box Tops per student in the class. They came out on top with 15.5 Box Tops per student.

Holy Cross has now collected more than $1,100 in Box Tops this school year. We’re a third of the way to our school year goal of $3,300.

Keep clipping, and maybe your class will be the next winners. We’ll collect the classroom bags for the November contest on the Monday after the Thanksgiving break (Dec. 2). So be watching for Box Tops, Labels and Best Choice UPCs over the holiday break!

Thanks for clipping and collecting for Holy Cross and the Guardian Angel Fund.



Keepers of the Trophy

October 22, 2013

Congratulations to Mrs. Anderson’s 6th grade class! As September’s top Box Tops collectors, they are the first winners of the traveling Box Tops trophy, and they celebrated with a cookie party. The class collected 694 Box Tops — that’s nearly $70 for the Guardian Angel Fund — in September.

Ms. Spaniol’s 2nd graders also brought in more than 600 Box Tops last month. They came so close that they received a cookie party too.

Thanks to all who clip and collect. If you haven’t collected in the past, we encourage you to try it — just keep a look out for a few Box Tops this week and send them in with your student(s). You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is and how quickly they add up.

The Box Tops collection bags will be picked up from the classrooms for counting on Monday, October 28.

September's Holy Cross Box Tops Champs in Mrs. Anderson's Class

September’s Holy Cross Box Tops Champs in Mrs. Anderson’s Class

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