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Chiefs Day At Holy Cross Today!

September 17, 2015

Chiefs ArrowheadThe STUCO is sponsoring a Chief’s Day TODAY!  Students are asked to bring in one dollar to wear Chief’s gear, or red and yellow shirts.  Students must wear their uniform bottoms.  This is a Chief’s Day only.  If a student chooses not to support the Chief’s, they should wear their regular uniform.  Funds collected will be donated to the Gabriel Project.



What A Spirited Week!

February 7, 2012

Catholic Schools Week at Holy Cross was a great success, from start to finish.

During the week, students dressed for a theme each day, including Mismatch Monday, Too Tired Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday Hat Day, Holy Cross Spirit Thursday and Favorite Team Friday. For pictures of the creative apparel seen in our hallways, visit our Holy Cross photo gallery at (password = holycrossop)

The Lincoln Jar class competition raised money for the Gabriel Project.  Students brought in pennies to add money to their class jar. Silver coins in other jars brought down that class total in the contest, but helped raise more funds. A little friendly sabotage…. We’ll have winners and totals raised in an upcoming blog post.

Mission carnival, an annual fundraiser by the 8th graders, was enjoyed by all on Thursday. We’ll highlight how much was raised and where that money will be going in an upcoming post, as well!

The school week ended with a Spirit Assembly in the gym. Students played musical chairs (with music provided by the Bishop Miege band!), 8th-graders were the target of pie throwing, and students and teachers competed in scooter races.  You won’t want to miss the pictures (thanks to Holy Cross mom Monica Roberts for taking them!) — Mrs. O’Brien was knocked off her scooter fairly early, but Mrs. Obershaw continued pulling her, Mrs. Byrne lost shoes during her race, Dr. Beverlin and ‘Mr. Mr.’ Troyer made a smooth turn after some early practice, and the other Mr. Troyer pulled Mrs. Carney to a 6th-grade victory!

In the end, Mrs. Anderson’s first-grade class won Spirit Week and was awarded an ice cream party and the privilege of naming the two new frogs in the office. They chose the names Jayhawk and Mickey.

Our whole Catholic Schools Week wrapped up on Sunday with special masses at Holy Cross. Students and parents provided music, did the readings and brought the gifts to Eucharist. Knights of Columbus served up a delicious breakfast at the school during our annual Open House. We had many families tour the school, and we hope they enjoyed seeing the school as much as we liked showing it to them!

Enjoy the week’s photos at our Holy Cross Photo Gallery on Shutterfly. (password = holycrossop)


Odds & Ends

August 24, 2010

One more day until back-to-school time!
Are you ready?

I had a few more questions at the ice cream
social the other day, and I thought you all
might be interested in the answers.
As always, let me know if you have questions or ideas, as well.

Why does the sidewalk end, and not extend on the south side of the back parking lot?

Simply put, the budget ran out. We do plan to make some sort of a pathway there, but it won’t make it by the start of the school year. If you have the ideas and supplies to offer for making a good path, let me know.

How and when will the edging of the sidewalk on the north side of the parking lot be finished?

Many thanks to Holy Cross dad Tom Bunker. He’s going to bring in a load a fill dirt to put at the edge of the sidewalk, where the orange fencing currently is. He’s also bringing some mulch for the playgrounds. That should be done sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Is the playground outside the west doors larger? Or is something missing? What’s different?

Good eye. No, it’s not larger. Yes, there are some things missing.  The tether ball poles are gone, not to be replaced. And the U.S. map that was on the ground is, of course, gone with the old pavement. Luckily, our Holy Cross Fathers Club has offered to paint the map back on that new playground area. Thanks to them for that and for all their clean-up efforts on the school grounds this past weekend!

Also, in case you missed the notice about this at Sign-Up Day or in the school e-mail:  we’re holding a Disposable Diaper Drive, sponsored by the Gabriel Project/Holy Cross Parish Ministry.  If you have an empty arm tomorrow on the first day of school, consider using it to bring in a package of diapers for the drive to support the Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic. Thanks!

There’s just so much going on around here, I think I have one more blog post in me today. Stay tuned…

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