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Holy Cross Early Education Center Make The News!

April 15, 2015

The Holy Cross Early Education Center made the news!



Holy Cross Family Perks

January 17, 2014

Did you know that the Holy Cross Early Education Center offers a ‘perks program’ for Holy Cross families?

  • 20% discount offered to  enrollees at the preschool who have a sibling at Holy Cross School.
  • Free early drop off from 8:00 until class starts at 8:30 – drop your older child off at the ‘big school’ and then drop your preschooler off at preschool. (You may drop off even earlier, from 7:30 to 8:00 for $2 per day.)
  • Free late stay from 2:30 to 3:00 – pick up your preschooler right before you pick up your Holy Cross student at 3:30. (Or pay $1 per day to stay until 3:15.)
  • Early ‘in-house’ registration for families with Holy Cross students who have younger siblings wanting to enroll at the EEC, just like our current EEC families (so you can get first choice in class times.)

CALL 913-381-7151 TO ENROLL


Holy Cross


Holy Cross Preschool Update

April 2, 2012

from Holy Cross Preschool Director Penny Miller –

Holy Cross Early Education Center is blessed to have a great enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year.

Openings available for 4-year-old classes starting in the fall include Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoon, with 4 spots available.

Openings in the 3-year-old classes are for Tuesday/Thursday mornings and Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons.

Full-time childcare spots are currently filled for next year, but we still have childcare spaces available for 3-year-olds in the afternoons.

Please pass on the word if you hear of anyone who needs a place for next year!
They can call the preschool at 913-381-7151.

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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

February 28, 2012

compiled by Holy Cross principal, Dr. Bobbie Beverlin, from information from

Starting kindergarten is a big step – and an exciting rite of passage – for young children (and their parents). You love your child and want him to get off to a good start in school. Maybe you have doubts about his development, or you simply don’t know what will be required of him in the kindergarten classroom.

Below are some of the key developmental milestones a child will ideally have reached by the time he starts kindergarten. These requirements aren’t set in stone, however, and not every child will have mastered every skill by the time he sets foot in the classroom.

Kindergarten readiness involves four areas of development: Intellectual, physical, social/emotional and self-care.

Intellectual Development

The ABC’s of academic success in kindergarten require that your child:

  • Is interested in books and reading.
  • Holds a book upright and turns the pages.
  • Knows some songs and rhyming games.
  • Identifies some letters (especially those in his name).
  • Identifies labels and signs at home and in the neighborhood.
  • Pretends to read and write.
  • Knows his first and last name, names of family members.
  • Can describe an experience and tell a familiar story.

Physical Development

Kindergartners use their bodies as well as their brains! To thrive in kindergarten, your child will need both small and large motor skills, such as:

  • Drawing with crayons, pens and pencils, with control.
  • Copying simple figures and shapes, such as a straight line, circle and square.
  • Running, jumping and hopping.
  • Bouncing and catching a ball.

Social and Emotional Development

School and learning involve more than academics. A key to success in kindergarten (and beyond) is being able to get along with others. In kindergarten, your child should be able and willing to:

  • Listen to an adult and
    follow simple directions.
  • Cooperate and play well with other children.
  • Sit still for short periods
    (15 minutes or less).

Taking Care of Personal Needs

Taking care of one’s personal needs is not only practical, it’s also a sign of independence and growth. And, for most young children, it’s a source of great pride! To start kindergarten, your child should be able to:

  • Use the bathroom without assistance.
  • Wash his hands.
  • Eat without help, using utensils.
  • Dress himself and work snaps, buttons and zippers
  • Tie his shoes.
  • Recognize his own belongings (such as a jacket or lunchbox).

How You Can Help Your Preschooler
Gear Up For Kindergarten

  • Read to your child daily.
    Visit your public library for children’s story hour, and borrow books to enjoy together at home. Snuggle up and read bedtime stories.
  • Build her vocabulary with everyday conversation.
    Discuss your daily routines, interesting experiences and feelings. Listen to what she says, and correct her gently when necessary. Avoid using “baby talk.”
  • Support her “social/emotional I.Q.”
    Classroom learning will require your child to listen and follow directions and cooperate with others. She’ll also need to manage her emotions – and be sensitive to the feelings of others. Be sure you provide clear guidance in these skills, and let her practice them one-on-one (with a sibling or friend) and in groups (both formal and informal).
  • Let your child play and create.
    Whether it’s exporing outdoors, building a castle out of Legos or finger painting, play is critical to developing your child’s imagination, creativity, critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability.


Open Enrollment begins

Thursday, March 1

at Holy Cross Catholic School.

Call the school office

at 913.381.7408

for an application.


Preschool Perks

January 18, 2012

from Penny Miller, Holy Cross EEC Director –

In-house registration began yesterday for the Holy Cross Early Education Center.

If you have a preschool-aged child and would like to enroll, stop by the office at Holy Cross and ask Anita for a Preschool enrollment form.  You can also give us a call at 381-7151, and we will get one sent home for you.

We have a Holy Cross Perks Program here at the preschool.  There are a few perks at the EEC  for having children enrolled at Holy Cross Catholic School.

  • Your preschool child will receive a 20% discount off of tuition if they have a sibling at the big school.
  • You are also able to drop off your preschool child at little bit early at 8 a.m. for free and let your child stay from 2:30 – 3 p.m. for no cost.  This free service helps with the coordination of our class start times with the elementary school.  You can drop your elementary student off at Holy Cross and then drop your preschooler at the EEC at 8:00 so you do not have to wait until class start time at 8:30.  The afternoon class ends at 2:30 but you can keep your preschool here until 3:00 which is just in time to be in the parking lot for dismissal at Holy Cross.
  • Another perk is that the Holy Cross school families get to take advantage of the early in-house registration date rather than waiting for our open registration.  Holy Cross Parishioners also receive $25 off of their registration fee.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Extra Noticias para preescolares

De la Directora Penny Miller, Del EEC-

La inscripcion interna comenzó ayer para el Centro de educación temprana de Santa Cruz.

Si tiene un niño de edad preescolar y le gustaría inscribirse, puede pasar  por la Oficina de la escuela Santa Cruz y pedir un formulario de inscripción preescolar con la Sra. Anita. Usted puede también llamarnos a 381-7151, y nosotros podemos enviar por correo el registro para usted.

Santa Cruz Perks es un programa que tenemos en el preescolar. Hay unos privilegios en el EEC  para tener niños matriculados en la escuela católica de Santa Cruz.

  •      Su niño preescolar recibirán un descuento del 20% de la matrícula si tienen un hermano en la escuela grande.
  •      También puede dejar a su niño preescolar un poco temprano a las 8:00 sin cargos extras y su hijo tambien puede permanecer entre las 2:30-3:00 sin costo alguno. Este servicio gratuito les ayuda a los padres a coordinarse con el horario de las clases de la escuela primaria. El padre de Familia puede dejar a su hijo en la escuela Primaria de Santa Cruz y luego dejar a su preescolar en el EEC a las 8:00 para no tener que esperar el inicio de las clases a las 8:30. La clase por la tarde termina a las 2:30, pero usted puede mantener su preescolar aquí hasta las 3:00 que es justo a tiempo para estar en el estacionamiento para recoger a sus otros hijos de la escuela de Santa Cruz.
  •  Otra Ventaja es que las familias de la escuela de Santa Cruz tienen la oportunidad de registrar de una forma temprana en vez de esperar al registro que es abierto a toda la comunidad. Los Feligreses de Santa Cruz también recibirán $25 de descuento para su inscripción.

Háganos saber si tiene alguna pregunta!


A New Playground Sail

October 5, 2011

from Holy Cross EEC Director Penny Miller –

We finally received a much needed shade sail for our preschool playground. The sail was installed this past weekend. The children have already enjoyed the lovely shade that it provides all around our playground. The sail will have to removed during the winter months to preserve the life of the sail and protect it from the ice and snow. We were able to purchase the sail with funds we have raised over that last two years with fundraising. Thanks goes out to our fabulous parents over the last two years!

And speaking of fundraisers, the EEC will begin their annual Bread Dough sale soon. The delicious bread braids will be for sale Oct. 19 – Nov. 4. Profits from the sale will continue to benefit the preschool playground.

Una nueva vela  para la sombre en la Parque

 Directora Penny Miller del EEC- Santa Cruz

Finalmente recibimos una gran vela que nos dará sombra la cual era necesaria para nuestro parque infantil  en el preescolar. La vela se instaló este fin de semana pasado. Los niños ya han disfrutado de la hermosa sombra que proporciona a todo el parque. La vela tendrá que quitarse durante los meses de invierno para preservar la vida de la vela y protegerla  contra el hielo y la nieve. Hemos podido adquirir la vela con fondos que hemos recolectados estos dos años anteriores. Gracias a todos  nuestros padres por las fabulosas ventas realizadas durante los últimos dos años.

Y hablando de recaudar fondos, el EEC iniciará su venta anual de masa para la preparación de galletas. Las trenzas de pan delicioso estará a la venta a partir del  19 de octubre – 4 de noviembre. Los fondos recaudados seguirán beneficiando al preescolar.


EEC Registration

January 26, 2011

from Penny Miller, Holy Cross Early Education Center director –

Dear Holy Cross Families,

We are now doing the early in-house registration for Holy Cross Early Education Center.  This early registration is also open to all families at Holy Cross School.  If you have a young child that you are wanting to enroll at Holy Cross EEC,  you can do one of the following::

*  Call 913-381-7151 to ask for a registration packet.  We will send it home with your elementary school child.

* Email us at and we will send home a registration packet with your elementary school child.

*  Stop in the office at Holy Cross and ask Anita for a registration packet.

*  Stop here at the EEC and pick up the registration packet.

All Holy Cross Families get a 20% discount on tuition at the EEC.  They also get free early drop off service from 8:00-8:30 or at 7:30 to 8:30 for $2 per day (the usual cost is $4) and your preschool age child can stay from 2:30 to 3:00 for free so you can pick up your preschooler just right before you pick up your older child from Holy Cross (regular class dismissal is at 2:30).

Please come visit us at open house on February 6th and call us if we can help you in any way.


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