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Holy Cross Easter Egg Hunt Candy Needed!

March 31, 2015

nj-easter-egg-huntThe annual Holy Cross Easter egg hunt is right around the corner and we need your help!

We need candy to fill the Easter eggs. There will be a box in the office for donations. Please feel free to send in candy at any time up until April 8th.

We are also looking for volunteers to help stuff the Easter eggs on April 8th after school. Service hours are available. if you have any questions please contact Denise Barron 816-645-9105 or



Classroom Competition

November 15, 2013

from our Holy Cross Celebration planning committee –

Celebration-12The Classroom that collects the highest total value before November 22 will get to choose Pizza, Ice Cream or Recess.

1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes!


A. You could ask a business you already support
Example: Susie gets her nails done at Sola Salon by Amy, the next time you are in ask if she would donate a gift Certificate?  This would be perfect for our room theme A Beautiful You…Ladies won’t want to miss bidding on these items!

B. Submit and online form for a business

C. Buy an item that fits in our themes?
Did you know clearance is acceptable but you get credit for original price?

D. Use your time or talent and donate your gifts
– Plumbing—Electrician– House Cleaning-Painting
– Cooking—Knitting-Sewing– Jewelry Making– Beer Brewing

Step #2—COMPLETE A DONATION FORM (one came home in your child’s backpack!)


Questions? Please call or email Celebration Silent Auction Co-chairs Melissa & John Schultz 913-515-2043 

Click here to download more information about the Celebration Classroom Contest!


Living Like Saints

September 10, 2013

from Holy Cross 8th-grade teachers, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Schnell –

Striving to practice the virtues that the saints lived every day of their lives is just what the 8th grade homerooms of Patterson and Schnell hope to do this school year. Each quarter, after some research and collaboration, each 8th grade homeroom will choose a new saint whom they want to be more like in spirit, word and deed. The 8th graders then decorate their homeroom doors with pictures, symbols and quotes of their saint.

Mrs. Schnell’s homeroom this quarter chose Maximilian Kolbe for his selflessness and heroic display of compassion for fellow man.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was chosen by Mrs. Patterson’s homeroom for her profound obedience to Jesus and her tireless ministry to those most in need of love.




Playing Games In Language Arts

January 24, 2013

from Holy Cross 8th grader, Rebecca Haeusser –

The seventh and eighth grade Holy Cross Language Arts classes have been reading The Odyssey by Homer.

When we finished, we worked in groups to create a board game to represent Ulysses’ adventures.  After the games were complete, we took turns playing each others’ games.  One group even donated their game to the silent auction at Celebration.

This was a great project, and it led to tons of fun!

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juegos  En la clase de Arte y Literatura...

Estudiante de grado, octavo de Holy Cross -Rebecca Haeusser –

El séptimo y octavo grado de Holy Cross en la clase de Literatura han estado leyendo La Odisea de Homero.

Cuando terminamos, se trabajó en grupos para crear un juego de mesa para representar las aventuras de Ulises. Después de que todos los juegos estaban completos, nos turnamos para jugar los juegos de los demás. Un grupo incluso donaron su juego a la subasta silenciosa para Celebración.

Este fue un gran proyecto, y tuvimos mucha diversión!


3rd Graders Learn About Aboriginal Art

December 31, 2012

from Holy Cross Art Teacher, Mr. Long –

Holy Cross third graders recently worked on a print making project in Art Class. We studied the Aboriginal people of Australia and their art work. This is a multiple-color print making project dealing with abstraction and patterns in the print making process.

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More Holy Cross art blog posts –


De parte del Profesor de Arte de Holy Cross, el Sr. Long –

Los alumnos del tercero grado se Holy Cross están trabajando en un proyecto de impresión de decisiones en la clase de arte. estudiaron a los aborígenes de Australia y su trabajo con el arte. Se trata de un proyecto de impresión de varios colores haciendo frente a la abstracción y a patrones en el proceso de toma de impresión.


Balloon Cars

November 19, 2012

from Holy Cross Jr. High Science Teacher, Mrs. Patterson –

The past two weeks, while having fun and engaging in some higher level thinking skills, the Holy Cross 7th graders have been busy studying and applying Newton’s Laws of Motion. Their task was to design and build a balloon race car using materials from home such as cardboard from cereal boxes, styrofoam meat trays, bottle caps, CD’s, foam, craft sticks, drinking straws and/or bamboo skewers. They were not able to use any balloon car racer kit from a hobby store or any prefabricated wheels. They powered their race car with one 9-inch balloon and a drinking straw. 

They quickly learned how to adapt their designs to the amount of force that would move their car across the finish line.

Everyone participated in 3 trial runs on a 5-meter race track. They collected data on their car’s mass, speed and average acceleration using that information to calculate the amount of force needed to move their car. 

The project concluded with the students racing against their classmates and advancing in the brackets to a first, second and third place winner. Our boys’ and girls’ winners are:

1st Place:  Noah Pudenz & Kristen Haeusser

2nd Place: Kenny Gavin & Ali Stallbaumer

3rd Place: Jorge Palazuelos & Abbey Motley

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Making Scarecrows

November 8, 2012

from 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien –

It was a crazy race to see could make the fastest scarecrow of some Holy Cross staffers.

Mr. Long, Mrs. Obershaw, Mrs. O’Brien and Dr. Beverlin were the ‘victims’ as Holy Cross 3rd graders dressed them up as scarecrows at the Halloween class party last week. Everyone had a fun time, and the kids did a great job of working together and creating their scarecrows!

Thanks to Mrs. Cunningham for organizing the activity.

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