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Wrapping Up a Great Week

February 1, 2014

The school week ended with an assembly at Holy Cross to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. In addition to some spirited dodgeball competition between students and teachers, it was a time to remember what a strong, close and loving community we have at Holy Cross. (photos below – thanks to Holy Cross mom, Mrs. Roberts, for all the pix this week!)

The real wrap-up to Catholic Schools Week comes tomorrow (on Sunday) when our students help lead the 9 and 11 a.m. masses at church. (Make sure to have them wear their uniforms.) After church, head over to the school for breakfast made by the Knights of Columbus. We’ll hold our annual Open House from 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (the preschool will be open for tours 9:30 – 1.)  Bring some neighbors or friends who you think might like to see the great things we’ve got going on at Holy Cross School!

(more details about the Holy Cross Open House are available on the school website at

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Into The Haunted Hallway…..

January 30, 2014

Today the Holy Cross 8th grade class organized and presented the annual Mission Carnival. From a hamster ball and inflatable slide to ring toss and dj music, Holy Cross students and preschoolers enjoyed a day of fun and fundraising. The 8th graders created a haunted hallway, painted faces and provided the student body many ways to enjoy themselves. Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for a future blog post with the total amount raised and which charities the 8th grade chose to support with the proceeds.

Tomorrow is Sports Day for the theme, so your student can wear athletic wear of their choice.  The day honors St. Sebastian, patron saint of sports and athletes.

Here are some photos from Mission Carnival Day at Holy Cross.
p.s. Word is that there is video of Principal Carney in the hamster ball! We’ll post it soon.

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Scrunchies & Leg Warmers

January 29, 2014

Today’s theme for Catholic Schools Week at Holy Cross was 80s Workout Day. Lots of hair scrunchies, ripped shirts and leg warmers were found roaming the halls!

Today’s theme honors St. Joseph, who is known as the hard worker. He spent his life working and caring for the Blessed Mother and her son, Jesus, with a smile on his face.

Tomorrow is Spirit Day, so dress the kids in Holy Cross blue and gold! The day honors St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of students. He was a scholar and now a doctor of the church. On Thursday, Holy Cross will remember St. Thomas Aquinas and his great teachings.

Thursday is also the day for Mission Carnival, a fun annual fundraiser put together by the 8th grade class. Remember to send lunch in a paper sack with a bottle of water with your student(s) tomorrow!

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Kicking Off The Week In PJs

January 27, 2014

pix from Holy Cross mom, Mrs. Roberts –

Catholic Schools Week at Holy Cross School started with Pajama/Comfy Clothes Day today. In honor of guardian angels that protect us and are around us all the time, even when we sleep, students and staff at the school enjoyed a cozy Monday.

Tuesday is Neon Day at Holy Cross. Watch out for some shocking colors!

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Catholic Schools Week wraps up on Sunday with masses led by our students, then an Open House at the school. Click here for more information.


Catholic Schools Week 2013

February 6, 2013

Here are a few pictures from Catholic Schools Week at Holy Cross.

For many, many more, visit the Holy Cross Photo Gallery –
password = holycrossop

(Thanks to Mrs. Roberts for sharing the photos!

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Starting Out Like Saints

January 28, 2013

Holy CrossCatholic Schools Week begins today at Holy Cross School.

Students may come to school out of uniform during the entire week. Here are the themes for the days this week:

  • Monday – Favorite saint, religious, priest
  • Tuesday – Neon Day
  • Wednesday – Spirit Day
  • Thursday – Pajama Day
  • Friday – White t-shirt day, decorated with Faith: Love It, Learn It, Live It

Our service this week – Food drive for Catholic Charities. There is a competition between classrooms, who can collect the most. Here’s who is collecting what:

  • KWA – Toothpaste
  • KTU – Ramen noodles
  • 1AN – Pasta
  • 2SP – Rice
  • 3OB – Paper Towels
  • 4GI – Jelly
  • 5NE – Canned Vegetables
  • 5BY – Canned Vegetables
  • 6LE – Refried Beans
  • 7FO – Pasta Sauce
  • 7WA – Canned Fruit
  • 8PA – Vegetable Oil
  • 8KR – Sugar
  • Specials/Office – Peanut Butter

Our Holy Cross Open House will be held next Sunday.  

  • Students will be leading the masses on Sunday at 9 and 11 a.m.
  • Knights of Columbus will serve breakfast at the school, beginning at 8:30 a.m.
  • There will be Open House activities at the school from 8;30 a.m. – 1 p.m.


La semana de las escuelas católicas comienza el día de hoy en Holy Cross.

Los estudiantes pueden venir a la escuelasin uniforme la semana completa. Aquí están los temas de la semana con los que los alumnos pueden vestirse.

Lunes: favorito Santo/religioso.

 Martes:  Día neón.

Miércoles: día espiritual.

Jueves: vestirse con pijamas.

Viernes: blusa/playera blanca decorada con el lema de este año.  La Fé: “Amala, Aprendela, Vivila”.

Nuestro servicio de esta semana es la recolección de comida para las caridades católicas. Habrá competencia entre las clases para ver quién recolecta la mayor cantidad. Aquí está la lista para saber quién recolecta qué:

-KWA: pasta de dientes.

-KTU: sopa de fideos.

-1AN: pasta.


-3OB: toallas de papel.

-4GI: gelatinas.

-5NE: vegetales en latas.

-5BY: vegetales en latas.

-6LE: frijoles refritos.

-7FO: salsa de tomate.

-8PA: aceite vegetal.

-8KR: azúcar.

-Especialistas/oficina: mantequilla de maní.

Nuestro Open House de Holy Cross será el próximo domingo.

-los estudiantes participaran en  las misas de  las 9:00 y de las 11:00a.m.

-Los Caballeros de Colon servirán el desayuno en la escuela a partir de las 8:30 a.m.



Results From The Lincoln Jar Contest

February 13, 2012

from Holy Cross teacher Allison Carney –

Holy Cross students went excavating during Catholic Schools Week.

Yes, they dug through sofas, chairs, and piggy banks to find pennies and silver coins for the Lincoln Jar Contest.  The goal for the contest was to raise money for The Gabriel Project of Holy Cross by collecting pennies and putting them in the jar marked with your homeroom.

The twist was that students could place silver coins in other classroom jars to negate their pennies. Many students were seen dumping their entire piggy banks full of pennies into their classroom jar in the hope of winning the contest.

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade class won first place in the contest and will have ice cream treats for their efforts.

In the end, the real winner was The Gabriel Project.
One thousand dollars was raised and donated to the project.

Contact Leah Conner for more information on the fantastic work of The Gabriel Project.  (Click here for a previous blog post about The Gabriel Project.)

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