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Back to School Night For Grades 6th – 8th is Tonight!

August 27, 2015
back_to_school_nightWe would like to remind all of our families of 6th 7th & 8th grade students that tonight is your Back To School Night.  It begins at 7:00 pm in Pflumm Hall!

This is an adult only evening.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you!


5th – 8th Graders Make Beautiful Music

April 29, 2014

Holy Cross students gathered to make joyful noise together last week at the annual Spring Concert. The concert included performances by the 5th grade band, 6th grade band, junior high band, jazz band, 5th grade, 6th grade and junior high vocal choirs, junior high bell choir and drama class, along with several solo and small group highlights.

This was the concert debut of our new Holy Cross Jazzy Hornets jazz band. And they sounded great!

The big finale of the show featured all of the students in grades 5 through 8 gathering to sing ‘I Need You To Survive’ by Frazier.

Thanks to our music director Mrs. Cain, junior high choir director Mrs. Kincaid, drama director Ms. Marx, and the accompianists and other helpers who made this night possible.

Check out pictures and videos from the concert on the school’s Shutterfly photo gallery at (password = holycrossop)

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Visit A Greek Museum…

March 24, 2014

from Holy Cross 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson –

Holy Cross 6th graders just completed a 3rd quarter Ancient Greece unit learning about the culture, geographical features, history, government, and religion.  Students wrote essays, created maps and timelines. Each student was also responsible for developing three projects to display in a Greek museum which was open on the Wednesday before Spring Break for K-8 classroom visits.

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Star Punches Earn Electronics Party

March 15, 2014

from Holy Cross 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson –

On Wednesday, my 6th graders celebrated a full Class VBF (Virtuous Behavior Formation) card. We had an Electronics Party.

Way to go, 6AN!

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6th Graders Help Out

January 4, 2013

from Holy Cross mom, Monica Roberts –

Our Holy Cross 6th graders recently spent a day helping out at Catholic Charities. The kids helped put food on the shelves, made up commissary bags, sorted baby diapers and even separated potatoes. They worked really hard. The folks at Catholic Charities were very impressed, and they asked them to come back any time.

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6 grado estuvo ayudando

de Monica Roberts,mamá de Holy Cross-

Nuestros alumnos del 6 grado de Holy Cross recientemente pasaron un día ayudando en Caridades Católicas. Los niños ayudaron a poner la comida en los estantes, ensamblaron bolsas con comida,  clasificaron pañales de bebé, e incluso  separaron  patatas. Trabajaron realmente duro. La gente de Caridades Católicas quedó muy impresionada, y le dijeron que podían regresar en cualquier momento.


Music with a Special Lesson

November 29, 2012

from Holy Cross Music Director, Mrs. Cain –

World-renowned musician and motivational speaker, Joseph Vincelli, graced Holy Cross with his presence and Boy… did he give us a show!

Mr. Vincelli started off his presentation to Holy Cross 5th through 8th graders with a beautiful saxophone solo, and then followed up by teaching the students about the Secrets to Performance, which include

  • Practice
  • Vocabulary
  • Passion
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fear
  • Personality or Individuality

He also demonstrated his amazing musical talents by improvising on the flute and saxophone.

We were honored to have Mr. Vincelli at Holy Cross!  You can learn more about Mr. Vincelli and his organization, “The Artist Outreach Program- Teaching Students to Express Themselves and Think Creatively Through the Power of the Arts” by visiting and

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Thankful 6th Graders

November 21, 2012

Combining Reading, Social Studies and Religion studies, Holy Cross 6th grade teachers Mrs Carney and Mrs Lewis celebrated Thanksgiving with their classes. It was an afternoon of fun and learning!

During the meal, they learned proper manners, Mrs. Carney’s favorite song, and how Mrs. Lewis can carve a very nice turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Enjoy the long weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday at Holy Cross…

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