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Making Music

March 14, 2014

from Holy Cross music director, Mrs. Cain –

Do you know what a chordophone is? How about a aerophone?  Well, Holy Cross 4th graders sure do!  

After students learned the classifications of each type of instrument, they were challenged to make their own kind of instrument.  With instruments with names like the “Legit Drum 2000”, “Trasher” and Combustion Drum”, we could definitely have a Holy Cross STOMP group. The students had a great time making instruments out of everyday materials such as coffee cans, gift wrap rollers, fishing line, buckets, and more.

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Capturing Modigliani

May 16, 2013

from Holy Cross art teacher, Mr. Long –

Holy Cross fourth graders recently learned about the Italian artist Modigliani,  and how he was inspired by African masks that he saw in a museum in Paris in the early 1920s. The fourth graders then used clay to make their own Modigliani-inspired sculptures, trying to capture some of the characteristics that Modigliani used in his sculptures.

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Science + Music = Unique Instruments

January 29, 2013

from Holy Cross music director, Mrs. Cain –

Holy Cross 4th grade music students created some awesome homemade musical instruments this past week, all while incorporating our new Common Core Standards of Learning.

After learning about sound during science class and then classifications of instruments in music class, the students were then set off on a journey to invent a musical instrument using household materials.  

Their instrument had to be decorated and had to create sound or multiple tones.  Then the students were asked to present the instrument to the class.  With names like the Chrisoon 2000, trarp (Mix of a triangle and harp), Cupper Dumper 250, Plucker 3000, Quanjo, and even The One-Man Band, this was a very fun project.

Please enjoy looking at the musical instrument inventions by the wonderful Holy Cross 4th grade class…

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Ciencia + música = instrumentos únicos

Director de música de Holy Cross, Sra. Caín-

Los estudiantes de música de 4 º grado de Holy Cross crearon la semana pasada algunos instrumentos musicales caseros impresionantes, al mismo tiempo se incorporaron  normas nuevas al Estándar común de aprendizaje.

Después de aprender acerca del sonido durante la clase de Ciencias y de haber clasificado los instrumentos, los estudiantes  fueron enviados a  inventar un instrumento musical con materiales del hogar.

Sus instrumento debían de estar decorados y crear sonido o tonos múltiples. Luego , se les pidió a los estudiantes presentar el instrumento a la clase. Con nombres como Chrisoon 2000, trarp (mezcla de un triángulo y arpa), Cupper Dumper 250, Plucker 3000, Quanjo e incluso de The One-Man Band, se trato de un proyecto muy divertido.

Disfrute por favor viendo las maravillosas invenciones de instrumentos musicales por los alumnos de 4 º grado de Holy Cross.


Puppets Teach About Water Systems

January 10, 2013

from Holy Cross Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wagner –

On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, the Kindergarten through fourth-grade classes at Holy Cross enjoyed a puppet show by Stone Lion.  They learned about pollution, recycling and the water cycle.  They discussed the importance of keeping our water systems clean.  The performance is supported through the Johnson County Storm Water Grant Program.

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Los títeres enseñan acerca de los sistemas de agua

de maestro de jardín de infantes Santa Cruz, la Sra. Wagner-

En miércoles, 09 de enero de 2013, desde el grado de Kindergarten hasta el cuarto grado en Holy Cross disfrutaron de un espectáculo de marionetas por Stone Lion. Aprendieron sobre la contaminación, el reciclaje y el ciclo del agua. Discutieron la importancia de mantener nuestros sistemas de agua limpia. El rendimiento es apoyado por el programa de Storm Water subvención de Johnson County.


Walk-a-Thon Saves Acres of Rain Forest, Gallons of Water

June 15, 2012

from Holy Cross 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Gittinger –

Holy Cross fourth-grade scientists don’t just ‘talk the talk’.  NO WAY!  These young activists ‘walk the walk’.

In keeping with Catholic Social Teaching by Caring for God’s Creation, these young scientists participated in a walk-a-thon to raise money for The Earth’s Birthday Project.

The students raised over six hundred dollars and received a certificate of recognition for their efforts.  This year the funds raised helped preserve precious acres of Peruvian rain forest and protect gallons of water in the thirsty rivers of the SW region of the United States.

These fourth graders proudly carry on the fourth grade tradition of applying what they learn in science and religion to make a difference.

Way to go HCS fourth grade!

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In the Holy Cross Kiln…

May 1, 2012

from Holy Cross art teacher, Mr. Long –

4th-grade “Modigliani-inspired sculptures” in the kiln

8th-grade pots ready to fire


8th Graders Teach Spanish

December 19, 2011

from 5th-grade teacher and grades 5-8 Spanish teacher,
Sheila Neuburger –

The eighth-grade Spanish students met with the fourth-grade Spanish students to share their small books.  Each student created a book which included an example of -ar, -ir, -er verbs and other vocabulary.  Their sentences included examples of subject, verb, and adjective agreement along with illustrations.

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8vo grado enseña español

de parte de la maestra del 5 º grado y de la profesora de español de los grados 5-8,
Sheila Neuburger-

Los estudiantes de español del octavo grado se reunieron con los estudiantes de español de cuarto grado a compartir sus pequeños libros. Cada estudiante creó un libro que incluye un ejemplo de – ar, – ir,-er verbos y otro vocabulario. Las oraciones del libro incluyen ejemplos de sujeto, verbo y adjetivo junto con ilustraciones.

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