Box Tops for Holy Cross

Thank you to everyone who clipped and collected Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs for Holy Cross School this past year. The final number has not been updated on the Box Tops site, but by our records, we topped $2,800 in the 2012-13 school year. That’s almost double the amount we collected the year before.

Our summer collection contest continues through the first Friday of the school year. The Holy Cross family who turns in the most Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs will win. Let’s start off the school year with a fantastic collection!

Our Box Top collection this past year helped fund the school’s tuition assistance program, the Guardian Angel Fund. Please keep helping us raise funds by clipping Box Tops, and asking your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to collect them for us, also.

Again this year we will raise Box Tops funds for the Guardian Angel Fund. In fact, our goal is to raise $3,300, roughly the cost of sending one student to Holy Cross for a school year. Help us reach this ambitious goal.

Click here to download a Box Tops collection sheet. In fact, print out several of them. Ask a few people if they’ll fill them out for us too!  Return to the church or school. Make sure to include your name and classroom. Or just collect them in a bag. It doesn’t matter how you turn them in – just turn them in! If we get EVERY school and parish family to keep an eye out for box tops, we’ll increase our total. If every school and parish family asks even one friend, co-worker or family worker to clip box tops for Holy Cross, we’ll increase the total even more.


There are so many more ways to earn bonus Box Tops. Subscribe in the right column of this blog to receive an email alert when new posts are added. We’ll let you know as we hear of new bonus opportunities.

Here are a few ways to start raising Box Tops funds for Holy Cross besides collecting the actual Box Tops:

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