Celebration Roulette Wheel Donation Pre-Sale!

January 13, 2015

roulette-wheelCelebration Roulette Wheel Donation Pre-Sale

What: The Roulette Wheel of Prizes. There will be about 20 prizes on the wheel to win.

When: 5:30-6:30 p.m. or until all prizes are gone.

Where: “On the Town” themed room at Celebration.

Donations: $10 for one number, $20 for two numbers, and $30 for three numbers

****Maximum 114 numbers will be handed out.


  1. Colored Rounds. The wheel will be spun in three rounds ongoing. The colors will coordinate with your number. The wheel will be spun in the order of red/white/blue/red/white/blue/etc. The color of your number will determine which round you are playing. If you purchase more than one number, they will be different colors, so you will be able to enjoy being in on the action for more rounds.

  2. Numbers will randomly be picked for you and given to you at the “On the Town” themed room the evening of Celebration. You will keep your number the entire time the wheel is spinning.

  3. You do not need to be present to win. If your number is called and you are not present, we will put your name on the prize and you can collect at the end of the evening.

You will be able to pay your donation to play the roulette wheel the evening of Celebration, however, to save you time so you can enjoy the full hour, we are offering a pre-sale. Please fill out the form below and return to Amy Briscoe through backpack mail at the school, classroom code 2SP by Wednesday, January 21. You can send cash or checks made payable to Holy Cross.


Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

______$10 (1 number) ______$20 (2 numbers) ______$30 (3 numbers)

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

______$10 (1 number) ______$20 (2 numbers) ______$30 (3 numbers)

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