Trash Bag Sales Are Due Tomorrow!

September 9, 2014

Trash Bags Sales Are Due Wednesday, September 10

Trash Bag Sales Fundraiser

Bring your “Trash Bag Summary Form”along with total payment for trash bags sold to school on Wednesday.

Top 3 sellers are rewarded!
Top Seller: $50 scrip gift card and pizza party with Mrs. Carney

Second Seller: $30 scrip gift card

Third Seller: $15 scrip gift card

Anyone who sells 75 or more rolls of trash bags will receive a free HC spirit shirt.

Winners will be announced on Friday, September 12!

Thank you for your support!

LAST NAME___________________________

Holy Cross 2014 Trash Bag Fundraiser

Sales Summary Sheet

NOTE: One summary sheet should be used for each family.

2nd Turn In: Wednesday, 9/10/14


Yellow Rolls Sold

Blue Rolls Sold

White Rolls Sold Paper Bag pack Sold

x $10 = __________

x $10=__________

x $10 = __________

x $10 = __________

Total money turned in: $

Sometimes neighbors, friends, and family do not need trash bags, but would love to help our children and our school! Please very kindly accept their generous donations! Please record their gift(s) on the donation line of the contest form. Each $3 donation is equivalent to 1 roll of trash bags. In order to reach our goal, we are asking that every family sell at least 25 rolls, or collect donations totaling $75 for Holy Cross School, or a combination of the above. Just, “Do Your Best!” Any and all effort is greatly appreciated! While working hard for our school, we may as well have some fun!

Return this form to the school with the money for the order.

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