Screen Free Week 2014!

May 6, 2014

TV Turn-Off/Screen Free Week 2014
Monday May 5th – Sunday May 11th

102 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Don’t forget this week, Monday, May 5th – Sunday, May 11th, is screen free week!  Are you up for the
challenge?   Worried you won’t have anything to do?

We have 102 suggestions of things you can do instead of watching TV.  Get creative and let us know how many of the 102 Things you crossed off the list!

1. Visit the Library! Borrow a bookFree Screen Week
2. Write a story
3. Paint a picture
4. Go fishing
5. Plant something
6. Read a book to someone else
7. Plan a picnic
8. Play outside
9. Go bird watching; make a list of the birds you see.
10. Give the dog a bath
11. Take a walk
12. Write a letter to a friend or relative
13. Play a game like Candyland or Monopoly
14. Build a fort in the living room…camp out for the night
15. Bake cookies or bread
16. Fly a kite
17. Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines
18. Have an “unbirthday” party
19. Adopt a neighbor
20. Play a name game
21. Story starter game. “It was a cold, dark night…” (2nd person adds to it…)
22. Blow bubbles
23. Use a big cardboard box to make a pretend TV, and make up your own show
24. Make a bowling game with empty pop bottles
25. Create a hat out of old newspapers
26. Paint the house with a can of water and a clean paintbrush
27. Act out a favorite story
28. Take a nap
29. Make a necklace with yarn and cheerios
30. Use shaving cream like finger-paint on a tray
31. Create your own book
32. “Read” a story to a favorite stuffed animal
33. Organize a junk drawer
34. Explore an attic or a cellar
35. Alphabetize books by their author
36. Or… organize your books by their size
37. Go outside and pick up ten pieces of litter
38. Take a nature walk
39. Make a collage with things found on your walk
40. Make or buy a card to send to someone
41. Find each letter of your name in a newspaper, and then glue them to a paper strip
42. Set up a pretend library
43. Take a collection of things (Matchbox cars, seashells, milk caps) sort by color, size, shape & count. 44. Sort laundry. How many pairs of pjs can you find?
45. Make a puppet out of a paper plate and Popsicle stick
46. Make a puppet out of an old sock and markers or scraps of material and glue
47. Have a puppet show
48. Hide objects in a pan of sand, can you find them without looking?
49. Make “silver” bracelets by squeezing tin foil around cardboard circles cut from paper towel tubes
50. Tape a masking tape line on the floor or sidewalk. Pretend it is a balance beam
51. Build a block tower. Copy a house of blocks built by someone else
52. Play flashlight tag
53. Play Simon Says
54. Paste a picture on cardboard. Cut it into pieces to make a puzzle
55. Make an obstacle course with things to go over, under, through and around
56. Play balloon volleyball
57. Hide familiar objects in a bag. Identify by feeling with your hands…no peeking!!
58. “Crabwalk” in the grass. 59. Make some Jell-O
60. Make shape cookies and decorate them
61. Write a grocery list
62. Look at the clouds, what animal does one remind you of?
63. Tell some jokes and riddles
64. Play Zoo charades
65. Make up a silly story
66. Look for footprints outdoors
67. Make a birdfeeder with a pine cone & peanut butter.
68. Make lists of shapes in your house
69. Make a number book
70. Start a scrapbook
71. Go out for breakfast
72. Make lemonade from real lemons
73. Look at old family photos
74. Pray
75. Interview friends & relatives to find out their middle name
76. Try a different flavor juice
77. Start a journal or diary
78. Walk the dog
79. Go for a bike ride
80. Make play dough
81. Listen to music.
82. Visit a playground
83. Paint a rock
84. Follow a butterfly
85. Make a pretend store
86. Write a letter to an author
87. Jump rope
88. Make up a song
89. Play hide and go seek
90. Play “I spy with my little eye”…
91. Learn how to juggle
92. Take out the trash
93. Visit a museum
94. Dance wildly
95. Create a new hair style
96. Make personal pizzas
97. Sit still
98. Play with a friend
99. Play checkers
100. Practice a sport
101. Phone a friend.
102. READ A BOOK!!!

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