OMG, She’s Headless

April 28, 2014

We’ve been marking the progress in our goal to raise $3,300 in Box Tops funds for the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund this year by creating a ‘virtual student’ to show how those funds will be used. Vicki the Virtual Student is now headless. We’ve raised $2,464 this school year, but we need $836 to reach our goal. Help us fill in Vicki’s head! Send in your Box Tops to Holy Cross today.

We had a really close class competition in March. Mrs. Burkhart’s 3rd graders inched past Mrs. Anderson’s 1st graders. The winner is picked on Box Tops per student (not total Box Tops because the class sizes vary).  There was .25 Box Tops per student difference between 3BU and 1AN in March.  Nice job, both classes!  Both enjoyed a cookie party, but 3BU will keep the traveling trophy until the April winners are named.

Our final class collection of the school year will be picked up this Thursday, May 1. Please send in all the Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs that you’ve collected, and help us fill in the head on Vicki the Virtual Student!

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