Stein Mart Offers $25 Scrip Cards

March 18, 2014

from Holy Cross Scrip team member, Mrs. Downey –

SteinMartStein Mart $25 Gift Cards Available!

Holy Cross now offers Stein Mart $25 gift cards. $25 plastic gift cards are now available for the same 7% contribution. Stein Mart gift cards can be redeemed in stores or online at www.steinmart.com.

That said, you all know what Scrip is, right?  If not, read on…

It’s an easy way to help raise money for Holy Cross,
and it’s a win-win proposition.

SCRIP is basically gift cards that you buy from the parish/school. You buy them at face value, and a percentage of the purchase is donated to Holy Cross (we can buy them at a reduced price – the percentage varies from store to store.)

LOTS of businesses where you currently shop are on the list, I’m sure. There are restaurants, gas station, grocery stores, retail of all sorts, online shopping (including SchoolMall, but that’s a whole other blog post!) The SCRIP list is long. Pick up a form at the church or school, if you’re interested – or download the forms online (form for SCRIP we keep in stock all the time and form for SCRIP we sometimes have to order).

You can choose to have the entire percentage donated to Holy Cross, or you can split the percentage. If you have a child at Holy Cross School, you can put your percentage of the SCRIP purchase toward your child’s tuition the following year (We tabulate your SCRIP purchases all year, and you get a statement in May of your total. At that time, you can choose to donate it to the Guardian Angel Fund or your child’s tuition.)

To give you an idea of the financial reward of the Scrip program for Holy Cross, think about this:

  • If one family buys $100 of Hy-Vee SCRIP each week for a year, the return is: $260 (5%)
  • If one family buys $50 of Penney’s or Kohl’s SCRIP each month for a year, the return is: $30 (5%) – AND you can even use Kohl’s SCRIP to pay your Kohl’s charge!
  • If one family buys $100 of CVS, Walgreen’s, or Wal-Mart SCRIP each month for a year, the return is: $24 (2%)
  • If one family does all of the above, their “extra” annual contribution to Holy Cross is: $314
  • If 200 families did this, the extra annual contribution to Holy Cross would be $62,800

The SCRIP cards make great gifts.

They’re also a good tool for budgeting. (How much is your family’s monthly grocery budget? Spend that for SCRIP to your grocery store and that’s it. That’s what you get for the month. Makes it easier to stick with it, some say.)

Bottomline, you’re going to buy groceries and gas, right? Get into the habit of thinking ahead and buying SCRIP to make your purchase. Like I said, win-win.

You can purchase the SCRIP cards at Holy Cross School during the week and at Holy Cross Church before and after mass on the weekend. The organizers make it really easy. You can even send your SCRIP order form in via backpack mail along with your check, and your cards will be returned to you within days.

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