The Latest on Box Tops

January 28, 2014

We’re doing great with our Box Tops collections at Holy Cross this year. Let’s push a little harder and make our goal for the school year – $3,300!

  • As of the end of December, we’re at $1,570 raised this school year. If we consider that to be halfway through the year, we’re ahead of last year when we raised our highest amount ever – $2,853. It is not quite halfway to our $3,300 goal, so clip, clip, clip. We’re close!
  • We have our December winning class – Mrs. Schnell’s 8th graders will be enjoying cookies this week, and they’ll display the Box Tops traveling trophy for the next month. Great job. A special mention must be made for Ms. Spaniol’s class. They collected a large amount also, but fewer per student, which is how we determine the winning class.
  • We’ll combine our January and February collections to pick the first winners of 2014. So, you’ve got time to send in those Box Tops. We’ll pick up the January Box Tops on Feb. 3 to get a start on the counting, but final count for the contest will come at the end of February.
  • Two classrooms are neck-in-neck as top collectors of the year – Ms. Spaniol’s 2nd graders have collected 1,202 and Mrs. Anderson’s 6th graders have brought in 1,209. Let’s see who else can pass that 1,000 mark by the end of February!
  • Box Tops recently sent the school a check for $2,045 for money raised March 1 – October 31, 2013. That money will go to the Guardian Fund. Let’s keep those checks coming.
  • It will take participation from our whole school and parish family in order to meet our $3,300 goal this year. But it is definitely within reach. If you’re a Box Tops clipper, thank you! Could you ask one more friend, neighbor or co-worker to help? If you’ve never clipped them, could you find just one Box Top to send in to school this month? You’ll be amazed just how easy it is.
  • Did you know that Box Tops expire? Don’t let them just sit and collect dust – send them into school!

As always, we welcome your Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs also. Thanks!boxtops-labels-upcs-thanks

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