Trunk or Treat Wrap-Up

October 31, 2013

from Holy Cross PTO Communications Coordinator, Mrs. Herrick –

Holy Cross Parish held its annual Trunk or Treat at the Holy Cross Church parking lot last Friday. There were lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And a few Dorothy’s, Toto’s and a tin man too! There was even a storm trooper who tried to capture the heart of Princess Leia but had to stop and take orders from Darth Vader.

I hope you all took your time to stop at The Hop. The Car Hop that is. The Nielsen’s took home first prize for Best Decorated Trunk – a 1950’s Diner – with the Flynn family right behind them with their Barbie Paradise. Last but not least was our Witches Brew by the Wortman family.

Princess Leia – Rose Yancey – took first place for her homemade costume, and following in a very close second was 4th grader Samantha Staley as a black widow spider. Her homemade costume was something to behold as well! Our third place winner was Ms. Becca Haeusser as our very own Cinderella. We have an honorable mention with Baby Superman Daniel Bellau for staying in character while in costume.

It was a hard decision for the judges. There were so many beautiful costumes and well thought out ideas that it was hard to pick just three of each.

It was great fun with good food as well as the funnel cake truck, awesome music from a live DJ, and there was even the balloon artist, Ms. Roxy who was truly an artist. Never have I seen full face masks made from balloons. Her Frankenstein was amazing! It was a wonderful family/parish event. I hope next year you will all come out and participate or come as you are and enjoy the entertainment.

We would also like to thank Girl Scout Troop 810 for volunteering to pick up the parking lot afterwards.


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