Holy Cross Carpooling Map: Where To Find It and How To Use It

October 23, 2013

carpoolmapHoly Cross Catholic School has students from not only the neighborhoods surrounding the school but believe it or not families come from literally all over the Kansas City Metro to our school.  We wanted to use this blog post to showcase the carpooling map for those families that may drive a longer distance to school but for those who may need some help with transporting their children to and from Holy Cross School.  Carpooling also helps with traffic congestion at drop-off and pick-up times.

Where to Find the Carpooling Map

Using your family login and password on the Holy Cross Catholic School website , you should find a link in the left column to Carpooling Map.  The map works just like Google Maps because it is!  The carpooling map uses the same map technology that Google Maps utilizes to show business and directions but on the carpooling map each family is a pinpoint.

How To Use the Carpooling Map

You can zoom in to your family’s home and see nearby families that might want to partner up and carpool.  You can also click on the pinpoints to see each family’s name and address.  That’s it! It’s that easy!

If you need help reaching out to a family that you are interested in carpooling with please call the office they can probably help.

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