70 Pounds of Tabs

October 9, 2013

poptabHoly Cross School collected 70 pounds of pop tabs in the 2012-13 school year to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Because there is more aluminum in the tab of a soda can than in the whole rest of the can, it makes collecting the tabs an easy way to help the charity. And, at Holy Cross, we like to help.

Please consider keeping a jar on your kitchen counter where you can toss the tabs, then send them in to school with your student(s) when it’s full. Each classroom has a jar for the tabs, and there is one in the office. At the Field Day assembly in May, each class combines their tabs with the rest of the school into a big container to send to the local Ronald McDonald House.

Thanks for your help with this project.

keysThe Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City also collects old keys for recycling as a fundraiser. They accept keys with no plastic coating. Feel free to bring any old keys along with your pop tabs, but please keep them in a separate container. There are many other ways you can help the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City. Visit their website at rmhckc.org and click on How You Can Help to find out how.

One comment

  1. Just FYI There is not more aluminum in the tab than the can. It is just easier for kids to recycle them and not as messy. Just doing my part to stop the myth. Bring the tab to school but don’t forget to recycle the rest somewhere else.


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