Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Up Goes Online

October 1, 2013

signup-geniusOur Holy Cross parent-teacher conferences are going hi-tech this fall!  Not really. But we are trying something new, different, online and easy-to-use for scheduling the conferences..

Please click here to visit the SignUp Genius website, where you will pick your desired conference time and schedule it.

Simply visit the site, find your child(ren)’s class, choose an available conference time and check it. Once you’ve checked the conference time(s) you want, click ‘Submit and Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page. It will ask your name and some contact info. That’s it!  If you need to change the conference time once it’s scheduled, visit the site again and click on the ‘I need to change my sign-up’ button at the top of the list.

To schedule a conference with Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Obershaw, Mr. Long, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Growney, Mrs. Marx, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Nicholson or Mr. Maldonado, please call the school office at 913.381.7408.

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