Winners Revealed At PTO Potluck

September 24, 2013

Info from Beverley Herrick & Laura Haeusser –

Thursday night’s PTO potluck dinner was a great gathering of families for food, fun and announcements.

Several children and adults won door prizes. And there was a short visit from the new Pope! Okay, it was a cardboard cutout, but Mrs. Carney couldn’t just leave him hanging out in the hallway all by himself with all that good food to be had.

Winners in the trash bag sales contests were also announced.
(totals include both rolls sold and donations collected)

Top-selling families:

  1. Lauterwasser 108 rolls – winner of the Fireman’s Party!
  2. Bailey 73 – winner of the Backyard Barbeque Party!
  3. Cordova 54
  4. Watson 48
  5. Vasconcelos 47
  6. Haeusser 40
  7. Doyle 39
  8. Gonzalez 37
  9. Arensbuerg 36
  10. Metzger 34

And, remember, those students who earned the out-of-uniform passes for our first and second week contests by selling at least 2 rolls of bags those first weeks will be able to use their pass(es) on Wednesday and Thursday THIS WEEK!  Sept 25 – 26.  Our third week contest, ice cream recess, was already celebrated last week.  Yum! Yum!

Thanks to the 132 Holy Cross families who helped the school by participating in our Trash Bag Sale! 48 families met their goal of 25 rolls of trash bags sold (or $75 in donations collected).  Another 84 families sold some trash bags or turned in a smaller donation.  We sold a total of 1,950 rolls or bundles of trash bags and collected $1,563 in donations for a net profit of $7,338 for our testing and textbooks. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the sale or donate to the fundraiser, you can still send a donation check to the school office.  Make the check out to Holy Cross Catholic School and indicate “trash bag sale” in the memo.

Since our goal for this fundraiser was $15,000, we fell short by a bit.  Our other fundraiser for the year will be a garage sale in the spring.  Our goal for both fundraisers combined is $30,000, so here’s hoping we have a lot of good treasures to sell!  Keep up the good work, Holy Cross!

Please pick up your trash bags this Friday afternoon!  Details to follow…

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