Traveling Trophy

August 28, 2013

BoxTops trophyWe’ve started our first classroom Box Tops contest of the school year. We’ll count all Box Tops collected from the end of the summer contest last week through the end of September. Make sure to mark your student’s class code on your submission.

Not only will our monthly classroom winners get a special prize to enjoy, they’ll also get to display the new Box Tops traveling trophy (see photo) in their class until the next champions are crowned! Let’s see who will be the first winners to claim the trophy. Start clipping…

Note that we’re counting all the points from Box Tops, Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs in the summer contest. We collect Labels and BC UPCs all the time, but our monthly classroom contests are based just on points from Box Tops (just easier to manage). We’ll count all the points that are marked with a class code and divide those by number of students in the classroom to get a Box Tops per student ratio. The top Box Tops per Student number will win.

We don’t have the final tally from the summer Box Tops/Labels/Best Choice UPCs contest yet. There were a lot to count, thankfully! We’ll get back to you as soon with an announcement of the winning family.  Thanks to all who contributed.

Click here to download a Box Tops collection sheet. Or just throw them in a bag and send them in – that’s great too.

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