Trash to Treasure

August 27, 2013

Oh….  a fundraiser…
This is the first of ONLY TWO
PTO all-school fundraisers this year!

Why fundraise?
Our goal is to raise $30,000 (through the two fundraisers this year)
earmarked for 7th & 8th grade math textbooks,
5th & 6th grade history textbooks and
MAPS testing for the entire school

TrashBags13Orders are due 9/16
Bag pick-up 9/27-28

There are three contests for the trash bag sale:

  • Each family who turns in an order and $ for at least 2 rolls of bags by 9/3 will receive OUT OF UNIFORM PASSES for the family.  Students from the top three selling families will have a pizza lunch with Father Mike at school on 9/4!
    to enter this contest, turn in $$ & orders by 9/3
  • Hit reset! Same as contest 1, but a new order of 2 rolls by 9/9, and this time, lunch is with Mrs. Carney on 9/10!
    to enter this contest, turn in $$ & orders by 9/9
  • Combined total of entire sale:
    • Top selling family at final turn-in on 9/16 wins a FIREHOUSE PARTY!  Captain Bill Schneider will host a station tour, dinner at the station, and a ride in the fire truck (sirens included!) for the entire winning family.  We’ll have lots of food and fun with the firefighters at Station #51, so bring your cameras.  This is going to be a blast!!  Trash Bag Committee members will be present too! Tour date will be arranged with winning family and Captain Schneider’s shift schedule.
    • Second place family earns a “Trash Party,” hosted by the trash committee at Laura Haeusser’s home.  Nothing but the second best for you!  There will be dinner and trashy games (trash bag piñata, trash bag slip & slide, lawn bag sack race!)  We’ll cheer the kids on with trash bag pompoms, and of course, there’ll be plenty of trash bags to pick up the mess!
      All $$ & orders due by 9/16

If you’d like to purchase trash bags
blue=extra large, yellow=large,
white=kitchen trash-size, or paper lawn bags),
find a Holy Cross student to buy them
or call the school office at (913) 381-7408!

Bags aren’t just for trash anymore!
Use them for:
Storing donations for the Holy Cross
Spring Garage Sale (the other fundraiser)

Halloween costume
Impromptu rain poncho
fetching duct-taped apron
sad looking backyard ball
camping tarp
makeshift tourniquet
solar camping shower
Snow-filled cold compress
arm sling in the event of a zombie attack

Click here to download flyer in English.

Click here to download flyer in Spanish.

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