October Volunteer Opportunities

October 17, 2012

There are several opportunities in October for Holy Cross parents
and students to help at various activities.
Find one that works for you:

Provide snacks/drinks for teachers  |  Wednesday, Oct. 24

Our teachers will be busy with conferences and will not have time to go our for meals. Snacks and drinks are needed to supplement the meals PTO will provide.


  • Healthy snacks – vegetable tray, apple slices, etc.
  • Chips or Chex Mix
  • Drinks – soda, water, apple cider

If you can drop off an item at school on Wednesday, Oct. 24, please contact Kathy Steichen and let her know what you can contribute.

Trunk or Treat  |  Friday, Oct. 26

Trunk or Treat is around the corner and volunteers are needed to help with the following.


  • Set up:  4:30 – 5:30
  • Grilling and food prep:  5 – 7 p.m.
  • Food vending: 6 – 7:30, includes assembling food bags, handing out food & drinks, and collecting money.
  • Car judges:  6:30 – 7, give your vote on the top decorated cars!
  • Clean up: 8 – 8:30

If you can help at any of these time, please contact Kathy Steichen.


Trunk or Treat  Clean Up |  Saturday, Oct. 27

We’ll need student and adult volunteers to come to the church and pick up any trash left over from Trunk or Treat. This only took a couple of people one hour last year. Please consider helping with this important job!

Please contact Kathy Steichen if you can help.
NOTE: this can be used by junior high students for service hours!

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