Comforting Cats & Dogs

October 16, 2012

Thanks to all the Holy Cross families who donated towels, sheets, blankets and plush toys for the dogs and cats at Wayside Waifs.

Holy Cross students Jimmy Lambrechts, Devin Fuhrmann, Quinn Lindsey and Tyler Eccles decided on Wayside Waifs for their 8th grade confirmation project. They collected four FULL tubs of blankets, towels and stuffed animals to make the animal cages a bit more cozy .

The boys were given a tour of the Kansas City animal rescue/pet adoption facility, and they learned that many animals need the stuffed animals for comfort, as some are used to litter mates to snuggle and others are just scared when they first come to the shelter.

The Holy Cross community donated the items at school, and the boys delivered them to Wayside Waifs last week.

Quinn has decided to volunteer at Wayside Waifs next summer – You must be 14 to volunteer WITH a parent or 16 to volunteer solo.

Way to go, Holy Cross!

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