And The August Cookie Winners Are…..

September 7, 2012

Congratulations to Ms. Byrne’s 5th-grade class. They turned in a whopping 930 Box Tops in August, and they’ll be enjoying a cookie party for their efforts.

We had a really great start to our Box Top year. Overall, we have collected 6,289 Box Tops so far this school year. We’re well on our way to our first goal – 14,500 Box Tops by the end of our first quarter. We can definitely do this!

Mrs. Anderson’s first graders were close behind the winners, followed by Mrs. O’Brien’s and Ms. Spaniol’s classes.  There were many bags of Box Tops dropped off with no name on them.

So, who will get the cookie party for September Box Top collections? Are you going to let Mrs. Byrne’s 5th graders nosh on more goodies?! NO? Then get out there and start clipping! Ask friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to clip!

Click here to read more about our Holy Cross Box Tops goal.

Have you asked someone to clip Box Tops for Holy Cross?

Click here to download a collection sheet for September Box Tops.

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