We’ve Got A Goal….

July 31, 2012

We think Holy Cross School has a great shot at winning $25,000. But, of course, it will take the help of everyone at the school and parish to make it happen. Here’s what we have in mind:

The Box Tops program will award 250,000 box tops (that’s $25K!) to the school that raises its box tops collection by the biggest percentage this school year.

We raised $1,446 last year.  Can we double, triple or quadruple that?  Yes, I think we can!  If we get EVERY school and parish family to keep an eye out for box tops, we’ll increase our total. If every school and parish family asks even one friend, co-worker or family worker to clip box tops for Holy Cross, we’ll increase the total even more!

See where I’m going with this? We have a lot of room to grow, so let’s put our minds together and come up with creative ways to win that prize!  Are you up for it?!

Let’s start now. Click here to download a Back to School collection sheet. In fact, print out several of them. Ask a few people if they’ll fill them out for us too!  Fill them out and return to the church or school, once classes begin. Make sure to include your name and classroom. We’ll offer a cookie party to the Holy Cross classroom that hands in the most Box Tops by Friday, August 31!

We’ll have many contests and incentives this year. And we’ll hopefully pass many goals.

Here’s the first one. Let’s try our best to pass by last year’s $1,446 by the end of the first quarter of school in October. Yowee. That is a BIG goal.
So, let’s shoot for 14,500 box tops by October 26.

We can do it, Holy Cross!

Let’s go!!

p.s. Look for much more information coming soon about ways that we can increase our box tops total. AND, don’t forget to keep clipping Labels for Education and Best Choice UPCs, as well!

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