New Teachers Announced

June 4, 2012

from Holy Cross principal, Dr. Bobbie Beverlin –

Good Afternoon! I hope your summer is off to a great start. A few news items…

Laura Tubbert will be the new kindergarten teacher alongside Mrs. Melissa Wagner.  Laura comes to us with many years of teaching primary grades as well as gifted education in parochial and public schools.  We welcome Mrs.Laura Tubbert to the Holy Cross family.

Anette Growney will be the new 6th grade teacher alongside Mrs. Allison Carney.  Anette has taught 2nd and 5th grade as well as Spanish.   Mrs. Jenny Kropf, Mrs. Allison Carney and I interviewed multiple candidates, and we all determined that Mrs. Growney will be the best fit for Holy Cross.  Mrs. Growney has taught social studies and math at the 5th grade level at a Johnson County parochial school.  We welcome Mrs. Anette Growney as a 6th grade teacher to the Holy Cross family.

Guillermo Maldanado will be the new K-4 Spanish teacher.  We welcome the return of Guillermo to the Holy Cross family.

On another note… We are working on organizing a 5K/ 1 mile fun run fundraiser for the school.  Father Mike Stubbs would like the date of the 5K to be on September 15th- the Saturday before the Parish Festival. SAVE THE DATE!

If we have any Holy Cross families that would like to help in the organization of the 5K please feel free to email me at bbeverlin@holycrosscatholicschool.com

I hope everyone is having a relaxing summer.

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