Wonderful Music Websites

May 30, 2012

from Holy Cross music director, Mrs. Cain –

Here are some great sites on the web to check out for musical resources. Enjoy!

  • NY Philharmonic Kids  (band)
    There is a composition workshop where students can put together their own minuet or decide the orchestration of a famous piece of music. There is a composer gallery with information of a variety of composers. There is also a game room with a variety of music/composer based games.
  • DSOKids  (band)
    Instrument encyclopedia with information on the instruments of an orchestra.
  • NSO Kids  (K – 5)
    All about the different instruments of the orchestra.
  • Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures  (grades 3 – 5)
    Go under Explore & Learn and then Interactive Resources. The Listening Adventures have an interactive listening map for Dvorak’s Symphony 9 and a game for Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.
  • The Music House  (K – 1)
    Matching percussion instruments by sight and sound.
  • Virtual Thumb Piano  (band)
    Play a virtual African thumb piano and listen to thumb piano songs.
  • Music Mixer  (K – 5)
    Drag musicians onto the stage to make your own band.
  • Interactive Keyboard  (grades 2 – 5)
    Press the keys to play the keyboard. Can have note names on/off, fingerings for scales, and view chords.
  • Science of Music  (grades 2 – 5)
    Put together your own step dance routine (body percussion).
  • Science of Music: Sink-o-Pation  (K  – 5)
    Put together your own kitchen band, like demonstrated in Stomp, by choosing which appliances/instruments you want to play.

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