8th Grade Class Gift(s)

May 15, 2012

from jr high teacher, Mrs. Kropf –

Each year, the 8th grade parents are heavily involved in organizing many events for the 8th grade class. Some of these are social and just for fun, but others are fund raisers for the class gift, trip to Worlds of Fun and graduation brunch (among other 8th grade events).

This year for the Class of 2012 class gift, the parents and students have decided to make a large donation to the Holy Cross Guardian Angel Fund, which provides Holy Cross tuition assistance for families in need.

In addition, the class is purchasing a large, beautiful rug with the Holy Cross logo for the entrance to the school.

Thank you to the Class of 2012 for your service and ongoing gift to the school. Many families will benefit from your generosity.

(This is only a mock-up of the rug. Look for the
real thing in the Holy Cross front hallway next school year!)

2012 Class Gift

One comment

  1. What a beautiful and very practical gift to the school! The rug will be a very impressive first impression! More importantly, your gift to the Guardian Angel Fund will help create some future graduates that will be just as awesome! go 2012 graduates!!!

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