March 28, 2012

from Holy Cross nurses, Kathy Pikus and Polly Mandl

Allergy season has arrived in full force!!  We are seeing many miserable feeling kids in our office.  When symptoms linger, sinus infections can follow.  Environmental control is the key to treating allergies.

A few things you can do to help their symptoms include:

  • Keep windows closed and leave AC on recirculation mode to filter out pollens and change filters frequently.
  • Spring clean areas like bookshelves and windows which collect pollen, dust and mold.
  • Try to postpone outdoor activities till late morning and after since pollens are usually released in the early morning hours.
  • While driving in the car, leave windows up and AC on.
  • Stay indoors on dry, hot and windy days.
  • Hang dry laundry items inside to avoid outdoor allergens collecting on them.
  • Mold spore counts will be higher after a rain and in the evening.
  • Clean up/shower after being outdoors since allergens like pollen stick to fabrics and can be deposited onto furniture and pillows and people (hugging).
  • Have child shower and wash hair and change to clean clothes before getting into bed so they don’t deposit pollen in their bedding where they will be sleeping all night.
  • Saline nose spray to irrigate sinuses removes stuck mucous from passages and staying hydrated thins the mucous so it can flow more freely.
  • Over-the-counter and prescription antihistamines can help symptoms a lot as can sometimes taking them before symptoms begin.  Allergy eye drops can give more instant relief to red, itchy, watery eyes as can washing your face and flushing your eyes with water to remove surface pollen.

Hope these suggestions all help!!

Call us with any questions or concerns.

~ Polly and Kathy

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