Stepping Into Geometry

November 15, 2011

from Holy Cross 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Gittinger –

The fourth graders at Holy Cross don’t just study geometry… They ‘get into’ it!

As a culminating activity for their geometry unit, the fourth graders decorated yard plastic with all the geometric knowledge they had acquired.  They then created an inflatable rectangular prism, turned on the fan and crawled inside their GeoCube.

The students calculated that it took 175 cubic feet of air to inflate their plastic paradise.

Watch video of the students doing the geometry song that Mrs. G. taught them! It’s great. (Thanks to Holy Cross mom, Monica Roberts, for sharing it!) It’s on the Holy Cross photo gallery site. (password = holycrossop)

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Desde Santa Cruz de la Maestra  de cuarto grado, la Sra. Gittinger-

El cuarto grado en Santa Cruz no sólo estudia geometría…  ellos entran en ella!

Como actividad final en la unidad de geometría, el cuarto grado cuarto decoro  un deposito de plástico  con todo el conocimiento geométrico que habían adquirido. Luego crearon un prisma rectangular inflable, encendieron el ventilador y gatearon dentro de su GeoCube.

Los estudiantes calculan que se necesito 175 pies cúbicos de aire para inflar su paraíso de plástico.

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