ATTN: CYO Parents/Coaches

August 8, 2011

Parents and coaches of CYO players in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas will be required to attend a sportsmanship workshop this month.

Please see the workshop schedule to the right to find one that works with your schedule.  ☞

You can read more about the Play Like a Champion Today (PLC) mandatory seminars in an article in The Leaven.

The seminars, required for all CYO parents and coaches, will focus on the similarity between coaching and ministry, the article says. “All coaches of fall sports and all parents with children participating in fall sports are required to attend one of the four sessions.”

The PLC program, inspired by the slogan in the University of Notre Dame locker room, was created in 2006, and has since been introduced to 30 dioceses, including 19 diocesan or citywide leagues.  And the program will be shared coaches and parents of 5,500 CYO athletes from parts of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas this year.

Please share this blog post with other CYO parents you know. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

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