If Walls Could Talk

August 3, 2011

Anita Lemmon, Holy Cross school secretary, offered up the picture in today’s post.  She said the workers installing the new windows have found some ‘treasures’ in the walls and behind the heating units.

Click for larger imageSome of the items found include:

  • Denny Haggerty‘s English paper from 1992 (Denny was in 8th grade at Holy Cross that year)
  • Kelsey McCarty‘s 1999 merit card (Kelsey was in 7th grade at the time)
  • Lee Redlingshafer‘s 6th-grade merit card from 1996.

What a fun blast from the past!  If anyone knows where these Holy Cross alums are today, pass along this blog post.

This school year marks the 25th anniversary of Holy Cross School.  So, Anita (whose kids all went to Holy Cross) has been reminiscing about all the students who have roamed the halls of our school anyway!

Look for much more about the 25th anniversary in the coming months.  If you know Holy Cross alumni, let them know about the blog – we’ll have pictures and other memories to share. You won’t want to miss it. And, we’ll need your help to identify the students in some of our pictures!

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