Beyond Just A “Principal’s Blog”

July 11, 2011

Holy CrossAs I start my first few weeks at Holy Cross School, one of the entries on my ‘to do’ list is to address the school blog.  What a great communication tool for the school!  But, I’ve never blogged, so bear with me.

Although I’m told it started as “the principal’s blog,” it’s obviously grown beyond that. It’s the Holy Cross School Blog.  We have many teachers, staff, parents, and hopefully soon even students, contributing to the posts.  I thank you all for the words and the photos. I’d love to continue to develop this with your help.

Holy Cross parent Marti Palmer will continue to help with the postings, so feel free to contact her directly with any ideas, posts and pictures.  You can email her at mpalmerkc@gmail.com.  Marti handles the school Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well, and she’ll continue to broadcast the good news about Holy Cross School.  But, she needs your assistance, so let her know what is going on – what projects and field trips have your kids been working on that you’ve found really interesting, what tips do you have for students and parents as they move on to new grade levels, what school sports or music events have you attended lately (share some pix!), etc.  Try to keep your suggestions Holy Cross-related.

The blog is a fun way to let everyone know about Holy Cross and all the great things going on here. If you’d like to receive an email when a new story is posted on the blog, subscribe in the right column for the email alerts. We have several dozen subscribers now, and we’ve had more than 20,000 page views on our blog!  We average 50 – 100 page views per day, and I know that will increase as more school families ‘find’ the blog.  Feel free to comment on the posts, send in ideas for posts and share the posts via email and social media!

Mrs. Beverlin

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