Read a Good Book

May 25, 2011

School’s out! So now you’re probably working out your plans for the summer, right? Make sure those plans include time for reading.

Holy Cross Librarian Anne Anderson suggests the following summer reading program opportunities. Note all the links for more information:

  • Get creative @ the Johnson County Library this summer. Sign up at any JoCo library location to get a reading log.
  • We have a Holy Cross trial subscription to Tumble Books, e-books! Find the username and password in the May 20 school newsletter.
  • Book Adventure is a fun website for kids to read and quiz on books they’ve read. They also offer prizes and incentives.

Story Time



A few more summer reading incentive programs:
(updated 5/26/11)


And a summer reading suggestion from Holy Cross mom, Wendy Regehr:
(updated 5/27/11)

My daughter is heading into sixth grade at Holy Cross, and the students have a summer reading assignment. They’re to read at least three books from a list provided by Mrs. Carney.

Not sure if you guys are aware, but half the books on the required summer reading list are available via iTunes in the form of apps.  And if you have a Kindle… about half of the books on the list are FREE… check it out at Amazon.

Here’s the deal on the iTunes app, called Free Books –  you can pretty much get a full library (23,469 books) stocked full of classic books, the Bible, Shakespeare, famous speeches, great poets, the list goes on and on. It costs just $1.99.

The Secret Garden, The Wind in the Willows, The Jungle Book, Black Beauty, Heidi, Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson (all on the book list) … are all accessible in the app for $1.99

You can also get a much smaller library app for $2.99, but it only has a couple of the books… it’s called Classics.

They also have a Classicly app, and that’s by the same company that makes Free Books… that app is actually FREE.  It may have the same exact books, but the app itself looks different from the preview.  It claims to have as many books as Free Books. I think Free Books costs $1.99 because the design & appearance of the app looks cooler and neater… maybe more user friendly.

I do not work for Apple, although I may sound like it in this email… but I do admire their work!


Please reply to this post if you have more reading suggestions to share!

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