Stomp and Recorder Karate Winners

May 12, 2011

from Holy Cross Music Director Melissa Cain –

In Music class, the 5th graders have been busy creating their own Stomp.

Each class was given a set of bowls, serving trays and food utensils. The classes then split up in groups and made up two to three different rhythm patterns using their materials. Next, all the groups came together and put their rhythm patterns together after deciding if they would use Binary Form (AB) or Rondo Form (ABA). The classes as a whole decided on a theme and how the song would start and finish. Mrs. Mann’s class decided on a karate theme and Mrs. Neuburger’s class did a dance theme. Next, we videotaped the Stomp performances, and the teachers voted on their favorite. Videos of the performances will be posted in a blog post soon!

Both classes did a great job and are winner was …………….

Mrs. Mann’s 5th Grade Class

Hi YAAA!!!!

For the past month, the 4th grade students have been learning about and playing recorders in music class. They have learned seven different fingerings, new rhythms and how to read the rhythms more accurately.

Each student was asked to learn nine different songs and after mastering each song they earned a new Recorder Karate belt. The class with the highest average of belts earned a special place in the school newsletter.

This year’s Recorder Karate Champions are …………….

Mrs. Lewis’ 4th Grade Class

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