Uniform Notes

March 29, 2011

school uniformsJust a few notes about Holy Cross uniforms –

Ready, set, go!  Starting this Friday, students may wear uniform shorts to school when weather permits.


    The Spring Used Uniform Sale runs through April 15 outside the school office. If you have uniforms you’d like to sell or donate, call one of our used uniform coordinators (see below).  To purchase one of the pieces for sale, just take it to the office.

    The following items can be donated/sold at the school – navy blue polos, pants and shorts; jumpers, skorts and skirts; school sweatshirts, hoodies, gym clothes and T-shirts.  No white polos or blouses.  Please check that there are no stains or holes in the items.

    Questions? Call Laurie Cindrich, Susan Fuhrmann or Kim Cashman.


    We have a new uniform vendor – Lands’ End
    Click here for the Lands’ End flyer
    that was in the newsletter recently (and a catalog was sent home also).  When you log in to the Lands’ End website with our Holy Cross school code (900142464), only the items approved for our school will be visible.  Skirts and jumpers with our plaid will not be available until the fall.

    They have not previously carried our plaid; they are acquiring it and having them made.  The style of the jumper is a little different than what we currently have.

    The only change to the uniform policy is that a navy blue polo dress in both short and long sleeve has been added for girls in K-2.  It is also optional for 4 & 5 year olds in the EEC.

    Here are some great things about Lands’ End:

    • They have great quality.
    • Every thing is guaranteed even if it has a logo on it.
    • The school earns up to 3% back on all purchases made using our school code(900142464).  This is like using SCRIP to buy your uniform items.
    • Your order is shipped directly to you.
    • You can purchase non-logo items directly from Sears.  Be sure to use our school code (900142464) for us to get credit for the purchase.


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