3rd Graders Rock In A Video Mash-Up

February 1, 2011

One of our Holy Cross parishioners (whose children went to Holy Cross School) told me at Celebration that her daughter, who is now in law school, reads this blog every day.  She tells her mom what is happening here.  That is awesome!  I hope others are finding useful, interesting and sometimes funny information here too. Please help spread the word – pass this blog along to someone you know who might not yet be subscribed. And let me know if you have other ideas of what we could post here.

Enjoy your snow day. Travel safely if you have to go out!


from Holy Cross music director Melissa Cain –

Holy Cross was one of 15 schools chosen for a music video mash-up!  Check out musicexpressmagazine.com and go to the Second box on the right side of the screen that says, “Watch the winning schools from the Music Express “Planet Rock” Video Mash-Up Contest as they perform with John Jacobson doing the popular Double Dream Hands dance.”

Both of the third grade classes learned a dance and words to the song “Planet Rock.”  We recorded the song in October, found out we were chosen in December, and now we finally have the video.  We are so proud of the students’ hard work!  We are in the clip about 5 times.  You can see us in the gym and we also sang the song with  the lights off and with disco lights going.  SO CUTE!!

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