EEC Registration

January 26, 2011

from Penny Miller, Holy Cross Early Education Center director –

Dear Holy Cross Families,

We are now doing the early in-house registration for Holy Cross Early Education Center.  This early registration is also open to all families at Holy Cross School.  If you have a young child that you are wanting to enroll at Holy Cross EEC,  you can do one of the following::

*  Call 913-381-7151 to ask for a registration packet.  We will send it home with your elementary school child.

* Email us at pmiller@holycrosscatholicschool.com and we will send home a registration packet with your elementary school child.

*  Stop in the office at Holy Cross and ask Anita for a registration packet.

*  Stop here at the EEC and pick up the registration packet.

All Holy Cross Families get a 20% discount on tuition at the EEC.  They also get free early drop off service from 8:00-8:30 or at 7:30 to 8:30 for $2 per day (the usual cost is $4) and your preschool age child can stay from 2:30 to 3:00 for free so you can pick up your preschooler just right before you pick up your older child from Holy Cross (regular class dismissal is at 2:30).

Please come visit us at open house on February 6th and call us if we can help you in any way.


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