Battle of the Books, phase 1

April 13, 2010

The battle begins today!

Story TimeDuring their lunch break today, the fourth- and fifth-graders participating in the Holy Cross Battle of the Books will take a written quiz on this year’s book list. (There are no sixth-grade teams this year.)

Working individually at this point, not in their teams, the students are competing for their team’s seed in the competition. They’ll be asked questions about titles, authors and details from the books. The top team will automatically advance to the second round.

By Wednesday, librarian (and Battle organizer) Anne Anderson will post the 2010 bracket outside the library.

Part two of the preparation for battle — practice sessions that will be held the week of April 19-23 during library classes.

The real deal will go down on Tuesday, April 27, 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble at Oak Park Mall. Teams will face off for the 2010 Battle of the Books.

The top two teams will represent Holy Cross in Battle of the Books competitions with St. Ann’s and Holy Rosary (Wea), probably the first week of May.

Best of Luck to all the teams competing; thanks to all the parents and parent/team managers helping the teams prepare for the competition; and kudos to Mrs. Anderson for putting the Battle together!

4th grade –


TLDSC Xtreme: Tanner Agpoon, Lucy Steyer, Samantha Brown, Claire Deschamp, Devin Palmer


Rockin Readers: Kristin Haeusser, Emily Ascher, Meagan Sullivan, Noah Pudenz, Delaney Henderson

5th grade –


Mad Jacks: Emma Chadwick, Will Downey, Alessandro DeBrevi, Jaden Castinado, Andrew Scism, Ciaran Sweetman


Rockin Readers II: Rebecca Haeusser, Jenna Steichen, Will Dvorsky, Ryan Jones, Mia Power, Annie Gellott


Queen Bee Readers: Allison Cashman, Ashley Helm, Emma Callahan, Anna Reynolds, Ellie Thompson

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